Once you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you’ve tackled the awkward stuff and can truly open up — especially when it comes to sharing your fantasies. Being in a long term committed relationship can and will have its perks all of its own, but honestly, it can and it will eventually have many ups and downs along the way, too.

It’s great to have such close intimacy with someone that even peeing with the door open is OK, but sometimes, it seems things can become a little comfy between couples.

Then just like that, before you know it, you will find yourselves stuck in a stale rut once a week having sex in the same position as always, the missionary position. Then before you know it, you both roll over and off to sleep you go.

As we all know, sex is extremely important when it comes to a relationship. It’s not just good for keeping that bond intact, but also for the many health and physical benefits that come from getting it on regular basis.

Often the idea of sexy role-play ideas for couples is thrown out as not being very sexy at all because it is so predictable and for some people they don’t often want to be associated with something that is considered sleazy or ridiculous, but as far as Her Inner Pleasure is concerned, we absolutely find nothing wrong with exploring your sexuality and having some really crazy fun ideas when it comes to role-play.

With sexy role-playing ideas, you can only be what you make it, which means you can make it as sexy as your own experiences and imagination can take you. Once you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you’ve tackled the awkward stuff and can truly open up — especially when it comes to sharing your fantasies.

How To Sexy Role Play

Using a good sexy costume is what can really set the scene for the sexy role-playing that you are considering to act out. You might learn that you can play particular roles best, so you should pick costumes that fit closely to the roles that you play. Both parties involved have to really get into the sexual role they are going to play and act out, if not then it can make it a little hard to achieve what you both set out to do.

It will take a few tries for you to get into that sexual role-playing mode. It will seem silly at first, but that’s well okay and you both will probably laugh a lot because this is something very new to you both.

Consider planning out the sexual role-playing scene before you decide to try it out, you can even write a short script about the entire sexual role-playing scene that the two of you considering to play out or just script part of it and allow for some spontaneity in your roles.

Sexy Role Play Ideas

  • The Sexy Nurse with patient or doctor is and has been an all-time classic erotic sexual role-playing favorites among couples. If you have ever spent time in the hospital or in a doctor’s office, you can imagine plenty of erotic sexual role-playing ideas and situations that come to mind. – Take two of these and call me in the morning.
  • The Boss and the Private Secretary can be a really erotic sexual role-playing idea. Most everyone has had a boss or co-worker they found somewhat sexy ot very attractive and had let their imagination run wild a time or two. Now it’s time to play out that scenario with your partner if you have a home office that will really set the scene.- See me in my office, now!
  • Police Officer and the Civilian is another all-time classic erotic sexual role-play idea which is one of our many favorites and a lot of couples love to act out. The female plays the cop while wearing the sexy officer costume. She makes a routine traffic stop and takes control of the situation. She performs extensive body frisks and puts her lips close to the skin of her subject as she tells them what they will and will not do if they try to resist arrest Eventually, the handcuffs are brought out and the sexy Police Officer locks the cuffs on the subject and takes sexual advantage of him. – STOP! Down on your knees!
  • The sexy and horny Maid and maid’s boss is another classic sexual role-playing idea. With this scene, it can be played out by having the guy watch the sexy maid move around the house dusting and bending over while he reads a book, works on his computer or as he watches TV. Eventually, she makes her way over close to him and “incidentlly” touches him in erotic places as though she was doing a little light cleaning. – You missed a spot, may need to bend over a little more.
  • The Principal and the Bad School Girl has to be one of the all-time classic role-playing ideas of them all. It is safe to say that all guys would love to see their woman in a sexy school girl outfit. This role can be played out in many ways, your imagination is endless. – I need you to stay after class to earn some extra credit.

Talk Dirty To Me

A little dirty talking during sex really helps to spice things up and take it to a whole new level, but for some couples knowing what to say and how to say it can seem a little silly at times.

Even though you may feel a little silly it can actually be a healthy way to improve a relationship and since one of the most important roles in a relationship is communication, it only makes perfect sense that when things get going hot and heavy, you should continue to have this dialogue.

The challenge of overcoming how you’re view of words in the real world and how you view them in the bedroom will be different when you are using a little dirty talk.

It can make a lot of people feel vulnerable to when they put themselves out there in such a vocal way, and then there are those who just can’t say certain words, like “hard dick” or “wet pussy” which, to be truly honest and to the point, those are really the type of words you’re often going for and use when you’re talking dirty.

  • Tell me how you like it?
  • Do you make me so wet, horny and excited.
  • Tie me down and have your way with me.
  • I’m going to hold you down and make you cum.
  • How do you want me?
  • You want me on my knees?
  • Bend over and take what is yours.
  • I want you to cum on my titties/face.

As you can see, these are some few word ideas to use when trying to bring a little dirty talk into the bedroom, try a couple and you will be surprised how just some simple words can really heat things up a notch.

Be Open, Be Free, Be Yourself

If you and your partner are talking honestly, openly, and graphically about what you want to get out of every sexual experience, how can it not lead to better sex? With communication is the key and all this dirty talk, there are no secrets as to what you both like and how you like it.

Sex shouldn’t be a riddle or some jigsaws puzzle where the two of you are trying to figure out what each other likes when it comes to sex, don’t play the guessing game on if the other is being satisfied or not. Sexy-role playing costumes and sexy-role playing ideas are the best things a couple can do in order to help bring them out of that stale sex life they are living.

Talk about it, open up about it, and by all means, have fun with it! Stay Sexy…

Leave comments, feedback or ideas you can share.

Peace, Love, and Happiness

HIP Angel

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  • OMG Daisy…… This has given me so many ideas. I may have to go shopping in my very near future.. As I was reading about role playing I wonder what my fiance would like to try! Our situation is a bit difficult as we can not do some of your suggestions do to respecting others that live in the house. Maybe you can give me some role play ideas that can only happen in the bedroom.

    • Hey Lynn – Yes role-playing when you have other people living in the same household can be very hard to act out as you are only limited to one area of the house, which in your case is only the bedroom. Depending on what type of role-playing you are looking for and willing to try, I would say there is tons of ideas you can go with. Adopt a character, dress up like a stripper or even maybe a prostitute could be really exciting and fun. Take off your blouse, stir your hair, use lots of makeup, do what you feel is necessary to make the most vivid and pleasurable experience.The use of your imagination is endless, write down some ideas and ask what he might consider trying as well. Wish you the best Lynn… Peace, Love, and Happiness…

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