We have talked before on the subject of the female G-Spot stimulation, we have yet discussed the male G-spot. We here at Her Inner Pleasure decided that now is the time to educate and give some helpful ideas for the males out there and hopefully clear up some embarrassing concerns or thoughts many people may perceive on this certain area.

Yes, men have a G-spot as well, better known as the P-spot a.k.a Prostate Gland. Most men don’t think about their prostate unless there is a problem with it, and would prefer if they never had to think or speak about it. Male prostate stimulation can play a very series role in a mans life when comes to staying healthy and is something that should really be considered.

Stimulation of the prostate can be incredibly erotic and will lead to a more intense orgasm which differ from penis stimulated orgasms. Sex in general is very good for your prostate whether by yourself or with a partner. We were designed to have sex as a natural part of life and male prostate stimulation should also be involved.

Regular prostate stimulation doesn’t just open up a brand new world of sexual health, matter of fact it can also help reduce your chances of prostate cancer.

What Is A Prostate Gland

The prostate gland is a male organ, it’s weight is about one ounce or so and often compared most commonly to the size of a walnut. It is located in the pelvic region just below the bladder, in front of the rectum, and above the pelvic floor muscles.

One of the main primary function of the prostate gland is to secrete fluid that is a component of semen, a mixture of fluid and sperm cells released during ejaculation.

It is thought that the fluid from the prostate is critical for the proper functioning of sperm, prostate fluid is an important factor in male fertility.

Prostate Stimulation Is Good

Many straight men may have a fear of having their prostate stimulated because they may assume that if they have any pleasure from it, that it is an indication that they might be homosexual, but this is not true.

The prostate can be a great and fun source of great pleasure for those willing to venture out and try new things. Those men that enjoy prostate stimulation say that it has greatly enhanced their pleasure and intensifies their orgasms.

Sex is a natural and very beneficial function for the prostate gland because it moves fluids and helps to reduce toxins that can build up in the prostate gland. Remember one of the functions of the prostate is to remove toxins from the body.

Prep To Stimulate Prostate

Some men do not want to proceed with any prostate stimulation or anal play because they are concerned with issues of the cleanliness, but with some proper prep and education there should be no need for embarrassment.

  • using the bathroom ahead of time to empty the rectal vault will be suffice for most.
  • for those out there who might want to engage in a large amount of anal play or sex, they may choose to prep with an enema.
  • the giver of the prostate stimulation can either use a glove, or a condom over their finger.
  • wash the finger carefully before and afterwards with soap and water, paying careful attention to clean under and around the fingernails.
  • sex toys are also a great way to go.
  • ALWAYS make sure to use lubrication.

Beginners Prostate Toys

If you decide to go the way of sex toys than you have several options out there that you can choose from, starting with beginners and on up to pro.

We have gone through and found what we considered to be the top best for starting out if this is your first time.

Anal Fantasy Beginners Prostate Stimulator Black

  • the Beginner’s Prostate Stimulator also features a tapered tip that makes insertion more easy for starting out.
  • curved to hit just the right spot.
  • textured shaft offers additional pleasure, while the sturdy retrieval ring ensures safe and easy handling.
  • cleanup is a snap after the fun with the included Refresh Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner and warm water.
  • Every Anal Fantasy box features a free 5 Piece Prep Kit to help you ease into comfort and clean up afterwards. The kit includes 2 finger sleeves, anal desensitizing cream, anal lube, and toy cleaner.
  • Buy Now: Because She Comes

Billy Deep Blue P-Spot Massager

  • explore new, more daring pleasure.
  • curved with a flared base for a more stronger, better sensation.
  • tapered body makes it easy and comfortable to insert and perfectly shaped for prostate massage.
  • 6 pleasure settings, a good way to experiment.
  • fully rechargeable
  • Buy Now: Because She Comes

Duke Vibrating Prostate Plug

  • black or blue silicone.
  • your prostate pleasures awaits you with this uniquely-shaped, curvy, ergonomic silicone plug that stimulates both prostate and perineum via pressure and powerful vibrations.
  • water-resistant vibe that sports eight different vibration speeds & three pulsation setting.
  • rechargeable, charge for about 3 hours before first use.
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Buy Now:Goodvibes

Enema Attachment Set

  • stay cleaner and play sexier and safer with these comfortable and high-quality enema bulb attachments.
  • perfect for anal play at home or on the go.
  • each attachment bends slightly for ease of use & cleans up easily with mild soap and water.
  • one slender beaded tip, one plug-shaped tip, one slender nozzle and an adapter for different enema systems.
  • By Now: Goodvibes

Nero Black Velvet Touch Silicone P Stimulator

  • perfect size for beginners.
  • equipped with gentle relief and provide an explosion of sensations to the wearer.
  • use it with water based lubricant.
  • velvet touch silicone.
  • Buy Now: Amazon

“There you have it, some of Her Inner Pleasures top Prostate Stimulation toys to help get you going”.

The general consensus is that sex is beneficial for prostate health. The more often the prostate is called into service, the more likely it is that toxins will be cleared out of the body through ejaculations.

Experts suggest that in addition to clearing toxins through ejaculation, sex may also reduce the development of tiny crystals that are associated with some cancers found on the inside wall. Regular ejaculation enhances the immune system’s response to the presence of cancer cells and helps keep the toxins flowing out of the body.

Hope this really clears up some of the misconception out there when it comes to the prostate stimulation, as one can clearly see that prostate stimulation can and could be more beneficial than you might think. Study up on it, talk to your partner about maybe giving it a try, only thing you really are doing is getting pleasure and staying healthy.

Some of these links within this post are affiliate links of which I may receive a small compensation from sales of certain items.

Peace, Love, and Happiness!!

Daisy…HIP Angel






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  • Ilaisaane Tuakalau

    March 16, 2019 at 2:35 am

    You know this is so interesting, for me and has certainly made me more at ease, to why my husband always asked to have a few fingers in his behind. It was strange for me, because I always feared that he was becoming gay (not that I have anything against gay), what I was afraid of was that he would leave me lol.

    I also enjoyed it ‘back door’ but could never understand how he could find pleasure in it also. I always thought that the prostate gland was a part of the penis itself – this shows how much I do not know.

    Phew! thanks for this post – I am going to come back and get that butt plug for him now that I know what and why he wants that part pleasured also.

    • Hi llaisaane, Very glad that you found the post to be interesting and that it was able to help put you at ease and shed some light when it comes to the prostate gland. As you mentioned, you always thought it was strange of your husband asking you to put a few fingers in his behind, this is a problem most men have when it comes to this certain area. Most men will not ask their partner, just for the simple fear of their partner thinking differently of them. Kudos to you for not judging him and kudos to your husband for not being afraid to tell you want he wants. It just goes to show that the two of you have communication when it comes to your sexual likes and dislikes, that is a very healthy thing to have in a relationship.

      The prostate gland is basically the male G-spot, the sensation that a female gets from stimulating her G-spot is about the same sensation the male would get from the prostate being stimulated. Which can be beneficial for the male as he gets older and help release those toxins that are stored in the gland.

      If you do decide to get the butt plug, always remember to use proper lubrication with the toy. There are little nerve endings that could be damaged as a result of not properly lubricating and if you are having trouble on which lube to choose, please do not hesitate to ask that is what Her Inner Pleasure is here for. Look forward to hearing from you soon….

      Peace,Love, and Happiness….

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