Have you seen all the sex toys that are on the market? Without a doubt it can seem very discouraging on which one to choose without knowing how it stands and compares to other sex toys. That’s why Her Inner Pleasure is bringing you our review on the Feel My Power Le Wand Special Edition.

The art work on the Le Wand is absolutely amazing and is designed by artist Ashley Lukashevsky’s. She has captuired and sheds light on immigrant rights, racial justice and other inter sectional feminist issues.

Ashley Lukashevsky proudly proclaims itself as a pleasure product rather than blending into the background in the personal care aisle, which here at Her Inner Pleasure we agree and back Ashley 100%.

Can It Make Me Scream?

This beautiful and sexy rechargeable wand-style vibrator features a black silicone head, a nice light pink neck, and a body wrapped in black with pink and red illustrations.

We found that the Le Wand’s vibration stands out from the rest because it is centered in the head of the vibrator and not in the handle as with most vibrators where it can cause your hand to go numb like with some other vibrators. Le Wand’s flexible neck allows the user to use plenty of pressure, if desired, and it won’t hurt the vibrator.

Use the three one-touch button to control the 10 distinct speeds with 20 vibration patterns, we say yes it can make anyone reaches that state of orgasm and make you scream.

Manufacture Product Details

Material: Silicone / ABS Plastic

Color: Black

Power Source: Rechargeable / Wall Adapter

Length: 13.4 inches

Diameter: 2.5 inches

Intensity: 4/5

Volume: 3/5

Charge Time: 180 Minutes

Use Time: 180 Minutes

Warranty: 1 Year

This special edition Le Wand includes a postcard, a sticker set, a pleasure guide and a self-love pin featuring the artwork.


The Feel My Power Le Wand also comes with a handy well-designed travel bag. To use the travel lock: simultaneously press and hold the + and – buttons for three seconds; a flashing light indicates the travel lock is on. To unlock, repeat by pressing and holding the + and – buttons for three seconds.

Our thoughts on the Feel My Power Le Wand Vibrator

Overall we found the Feel My Power Le Wand Special Edition to be a durable vibrator with excellent speed and pulse patterns. For Her Inner Pleasure we felt that it was a little to big though when it comes to vibrators, but that is only our opinion and should not reflect on anyone else thoughts.

The Le Wand does perform and stands out from other wands on the market when it comes to getting the job done.

In conclusion, I would recommend this wand vibrator to anyone if the size of it is not a factor for you. Very strong, nice detailed artwork, rechargeable, 180 minutes of charge time, plus a 1 year warranty.

As with any sex toy vibrator be sure to always use proper Lubrication and Toy Cleaner after each use.

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