Looking for new ways to try some new angles when it comes to sex? Does it seem like the same ol’ thing each time? Luckily for everyone out there we here at Her Inner Pleasure did some research on finding the right product that can enhance your sexual experience by adding some new positions to your bedroom arsenal of items and make sex easier for couples with issues.

With this product it can offer plenty of different sex positions to try and can really kick it up a notch and add fun with some sex toys as well for the both of you and hopefully give you some fun things to try during sex.

After doing some testing with similar products we were able to narrow it down to just one and our results were really outstanding in comparable to the other products out there that we tested on the market. The item that we choose to go with comes from one of our top of the list companies  Good which carries a large catalog of items and one of our favorite places to shop.

The Black Label Wedge

Black Label Wedge lets you explore partner sex and takes it to a completely different level of love making.

As mentioned by the maker we found that there information was pretty spot on with Her Inner Pleausre’s testing.

  • Ramp elevates your hips 10 to 14 inches which is increasing your sensitivity
  • It gives you more positional options than ever before
  • Improved comfort during doggy-style which can really be enjoyable
  • Tucked under your hips it adds pelvic lift and more comfortable feel
  • Comes with ankle cuffs that buckle directly to the ramp
  • Includes wrist cuffs and blindfold, Woo Hoo an added bonus
  • cover does slip off easily for washing, another bonus.
  • Black microfiber
    good Black Label Librator

The Black Label Wedge did seem very durable and made with good quilty material which is always a plus. It seems with some they have an itchy type of material and who really wants to be trying to scratch when you are in the moment, especially if you are tied up in the restraints (fun and kinky).

At first the price seemed to be a little bit high for our taste, but after looking over the product we could see why it was priced the way it was. You are getting good material and it was not cheaply made.

What was really pleasant was the shipping with Good discreet and private, another big plus.

Thank You hanging out with Her Inner Pleasure, please feel free to leave a comment or just any ideas you can offer and we will get back to you.

Peace, Love and Happiness!

HIP Angel

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