Welcome to Her Inner Pleasure (HIP) a new website designed to help and focus around women’s sexual health. Please take a little time to read about us and thank you for stopping by.


A long, long time ago in a land far, far away! Actually, not that long ago and not really that far away. Sexual pleasure items such as vibrators, lubricates, lotions and toys for healthy self-pleasurement was something that was never really talked about out in the open and if it became the subject of conversation, it tended to make one blush and shy away in embarrassment.Black and White

Oh’ how the times and technology have changed over the years, we as humans have changed and adapted along the way as well. With each day comes something new and exciting that can be life changing in many different ways and possibilities.

In today’s society with all the technology surrounding the everyday user having endless information at their finger tips, it has become very easy to seek the answers to any question one can think of without the worry of feeling discomfort or embarrassed when it comes to sexual pleasure and how it can benefit with overall health along with well-being.


To establish and educate on the importance of how just even self-sexual plesure can in many ways lower stress levels, help you sleep better at night and could even relive menstrual cramps and muscle tension. Also has been known to boost ones mood and even couples have mutually self-pleasured in order to explore different desires.

Self-pleasure is a healthy, natural and safe way to practice self-care and improve your health


HIP was created and designed to help individuals over come the discomfort or shyness that one might feel when it comes not only to self-sexual pleasure, but also maybe your partner’s as well. Topics such as lubricates and toys and all things that were once labeled taboo years ago and hard to talk about can now be something new and fun with heath benefits.

It is time to open up new doors and ideas in order to enlighten ones body and mind, when it comes to something that just about everyone on the planet searches for, pleasure! For some it might be food, to others it might be anywhere from sports to hobbies or sleeping, we as humans search out things to give us pleasure and satisfaction.

Here at HIP (Her Inner Pleasure) we hope to help anyone and everyone who stops by will benefit from our content and take away something much more that can help educate no only themselves but also others on the importance of that there is nothing wrong or unpleasant when it comes to self-sexual pleasure or with your partner.


If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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  • Wow! you certainly are hip! what a wonderful website – I believe the topics you cover should not be talked about under ‘covers’ (forgive the pun). I was bought up under strict religious rules by my parents that these type of topics, are not to be spoke on of, even to your significant other. If only I had known better and two marriages later still not getting it perfect but am no wfinally getting out of that so called ‘religious mould’. I truly believe that sex should be pleasurable and enjoyed by two people who love and respect each other. I commend you for being brave enough to create a website on this niche. I even talk openly to my teenagers about it and hopefully it will save them the heartache that I went through. I know that this is only for adults but wondering if that is something that might look into someday about educating young people. You mention masturbation and that too is still a strange topic for many, but my DH and I both enjoy it and it does help further our intimacy. unfortunately, I’ve heard the many horror stories of young men and women in church who felt guilty every time they did this – sadly a few have committed suicide also. However, I for one totally like your website and I have bookmarked it for my husband and I to keep up to date with your future posts 🙂

    • Ilaisaane, A BIG thank you for taking the time and stopping by Her Inner Pleasure, I truly appreciate your comments and feedback. Yes, you are completely right when it comes to these types of topics and I could not agree with you more. In today’s society it seems to be that every other topic out there is open for conversation and discussion, but if you were to bring up masturbation or sexual health everyone seems to look at someone differently. That is something that seems to be missing in the world today, the ability to speak freely without someone finding it immoral.
      Yes, sex should be pleasurable and enjoyed between two people who do love and respect each other. I really commend you on being open and talking to your teenagers on the subject, it feels like young people are not being informed about certain things when it comes to sexual health, just only what bad things can happen. That just shows how much of a caring parent you are, looking ahead for your children by saving them from any heartache that you had yourself from experience. It really shows how a strong woman and mother you are to your children. I believe most parents would not even know where to begin on a subject like masturbation and sexual health. It is really sad to hear about those young people who committed suicide, which could of been prevented just by being educated on the subject. We are very pleased to hear that you like Her Inner Pleasure, we hope to hear more from you as time moves on and hopefully you can share more stories in order to help educate younger generations. Thank You Ilaisaane, Peace, Love and Happiness to you!

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