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Welcome to Her Inner Pleasure a place where you will find the answers on any sex related question you may have ever wanted to know about, but was either to shy or scared to ask. Here you can be yourself and ask or discuss any sex related questions, share your personal experience, or maybe offer some of your own related advice for other readers to learn from.

Her Inner Pleasure is a judge free place where sexual health education is the primary topic of discussion, so take some time to continue reading. Leave comments and share your personal experience when you are done.

Now, does it seem like we are always running no matter what? If it’s our jobs, kids, or what ever it may be. We are going and going strong from the time we wake up till the time we go to bed, then it starts all over again like clockwork day in, day out. Everyone has been there a time or two in their lives and we get so run down and stressed, that we never take a time out for ourselves and try to relax.

Funny thing is that everyone who knows better, should also know the results of what being overworked and over-stressed can do to a person, just not only to their minds, but also to their bodies as well.

It can take a tremendous toll on someone that could lead to potential health issues. It’s no wonder why people have breakdowns and flip out from time to time, the one thing that we all need is some form of release at least once or twice a week in order to reduce that overworked stress level body of ours.

How Are We Going To Transform A Taboo?

Her Inner Pleasure was designed towards helping to get women to open up about their inner sexual pleasure and how sex and self-pleasuring should no longer be kept behind closed doors or looked down on.

It should be embraced and discussed out in the open just like any other conversations, why hide it when everyone does it or have at least considered and thought about it before at one time or  another, you know who your are.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with masturbation, in fact most people do not realize the many benefits that are associated  with masturbation and how much it can improve your over all well being.

Matter of fact there is scientific proof that masturbation does offer a wide range of health benefits for both women and men, which can also help improve your overall sex life more greatly then what it is with your partner to begin with.

If you already have a great sex life than great, but you can always improve and step it up a notch with just some little fun and sexy ideas. 

Yes, it may seem to being something that one may not like to discuss with your friends or partner, it can be embarrassing to talk about if it is something that you’ve normally kept behind closed doors. The world is changing and so are the times, more and more topics are being thrown out for discussion except masturbation, why is that? It’s because a majority of people still look at it as taboo and sinful in most cultures.

Her Inner Pleasure is here to help break that taboo and focus on showing the world that self-pleasure is something far more from just getting you off, we are here to offer advice and education on sexual health benefits from masturbation.


What Her Inner Pleasure Will Help You Achieve

In our post and pages you will find not only helpful tips and ideas for women, but we will also throw in tips and ideas for men as well. Yes, Her Inner Pleasure is primarily geared towards women, but men need to be educated as well on how they can help pleasure their partner and how they can become better and gain knowledge in order to become better lovers themselves.

We will touch on certain topics ranging from masturbation to new sex position’s couples can try. There will be reviews where you can gain information on sex toys and not just any sex toys, but the best sex toys on the market. Within our reviews you will be able to find links that will safely direct you to some of our favorite sex toy shops where we personally buy our products.


Don’t worry, if you decide to order a fun new toy, which we strongly encourage because you will not regret it, all items are kept private and shipping is safe and discreet so no one will know you have a new fun toy coming in the mail.

The world is changing and so are we, it is time to be open to all discussions including masturbation. It should no longer be something that we all feel embarrassed or ashamed to talk about out with others, but if for ever reason you feel like you can not talk about masturbation with a friend or your partner. Talk about it with us instead, H.I.P is a place where you are not judged and also where you can ask any question you need answers to.

We are a place where you should feel comfortable at, start a discussion if you like and lets share topics along with ideas on how to help improve on everyone’s sexual health and make masturbation no longer to be considered a taboo.

You Are Sexy

So pour a glass of wine, dim those lights and get comfy in that sexy lingerie you have been wanting to wear any how, who cares if its only you right now and let Her Inner Pleasure give you some ideas. Besides, its all about making yourself feel sexy and is that what every women wants to feel like?

Don’t be shy, leave us comments, feedback or any ideas to share.

 Peace, Love and Happiness!!!

Daisy.HIP Angel